The Waiuku Business and Development Association

The WB&DA represents, supports, and helps over 300 business and commercial property owners.

  • WB&DA is a registered incorporated society and is governed by an elected executive committee representing the business association registered members. For more information you can visit

  • At the WB&DA our primary focus is to support local economic development and advancement in the greater Waiuku community. 

  • The Waiuku Business Improvement District (BID) is very different to the other Auckland BIDs as we are a destination town and have a unique retail sector, because of this we take an unconventional approach to supporting business.

  • We have identified the importance of supporting business, tourism and our community in a holistic manner. We achieve this through our promotions, networking frameworks and targeted events that promote the area and encourage people to visit our wonderful town.
  • Find Committee Members and contact information.
  • View 2023 AGM Information including Draft Budget, Business Plan.
  • View the Strategic Plan
  • How to join WB&DA: Here’s the link to our Member application process: Request to join the WBDA » Waiuku Town

The Business Improvement District (BID) Programme

  • What is a BID Programme? BID programmes provide a mechanism and a relationship between Waiuku Business & Development Association and Auckland Council. Local business and property owners have agreed to work together to provide value to the collective business community by delivering a suite of economic activities. 
  • The Waiuku BID programme recognises BID affiliate (those that pay the BID targeted rate either directly (business ratepayer/property owner) or indirectly (business owner/tenant) located within the Waiuku BID boundary area) qualify and are encouraged to register as a full member of the association.

  • Auckland Council applies the Waiuku BID targeted rate which is collected from the ratepayer/property owner or indirectly by the business owner/tenant located within the Waiuku BID boundary area.
  • View the Waiuku BID Map or visit the Auckland Council BID website link: 
  • Auckland Council supports Business Associations operating BID programmes as set out in the council BID Policy 2022. Visit the Auckland Council BID website link:  Auckland Council BID policy can be found at: